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hello world! :3c

hello i'm nervs. they/them
i'm a millennial, i live in CA! im a capricorn & an intj-t, if that even matters!
this page is not my first. i've made several other pages in the past but only one was archived. basically it's my outlet and world that i live in.
i barely live in the real world, i'm like some gently used kawai k1 fantasy expansion card ghost in the flesh. i don't know how to live irl so i upload my mind here.!
i'm a sentimental glutton of the first degree, i love everything so much it embarrasses me. i like synths, computers, mis cositas, my special interests, my cats and the loved ones. these things tether me in reality.
i do do commisions, please commision me. i also like to sporadically talk online so if you wanna chat about rene crevel, the weather, synth pop, ancient history, lit, psych or shinee then , wham!, i'm your man!